About Alice & Ivy


The Alice & Ivy Cotton Company was created out of a love of Fabrics and simplicity in Colour!

After many years as a Commercial Buyer and Product Developer, I wanted to create a space where natural breathable fabrics were in abundance, celebrating natural colours, whilst also eliminating the need for plastic.

A mum of three boys, simplicity & versatility is a must for our busy lifestyle….


About the Fabrics

My eldest son suffered terribly with Eczema, which often meant I was forever flipping over labels in stores to find the right product that wouldn’t cause irritation to his skin. With an oversupply of Polyester & Acrylic based materials it became increasingly difficult to find natural breathable fabrics for our Home - hence the Alice & Ivy Cotton Co. concept was born.

We offer Lifestyle products in natural breathable fabrics for baby, beach, home & of course a little something for you too. Our primary fabrics include Cotton & Australian Wool, using the addition of sustainably sourced Bamboo in our baby products , all certified under the Oeko-Tex International Textile accreditation.

We have sourced product from Asia, Turkey & India to bring the Alice & Ivy concept to life.


We hope you love the Range, thank you for your support!

Ally x

Creative Director


Alice & Ivy Cotton Co. est 2020 -Created with Love- Inspired by Family- Remembering two Beautiful souls of yesteryear Great Grandma Alice & Great Aunty Ivy.